technical data: 


50-60 m3/hour

Aggregate compartment batcher

4x15 m³ - total 60 m³ (6X15m³ also possible)

capacity Twin shaft mixer    

1000 L (fresh concrete) - BHS - Sonthofen DKXN 1.00

capacity aggregate batcher

4.200 kg

capacity water dosing

800 kg

capacity chemical dosing:

30 Liter (2 x 15) kg

addmixture types

dosing of 4 types (up to 6 types expandable) 

capacity cement dosing

1.200 kg       

cement screws

2 piece – WAM – ITALIEN

Control cabin

1 piece control office container

cement Silos 

not include / provided by the customer


150 kVA

voltage/ frequenz

400 V / 50 Hz

Control unit and Software

Gedis Germany



manufactory BHS Sonthofen

type BHS DKXN 1.00


dry filling 1500lt.

fresh concrete  1000lt.

power 55 kW


skip hoist

power 7,5 – 11 kW

ascent-/  descent speed

15 – 25 m/min

Aggregate compartment batcher

total storage capacity 60m³

number of chambers 4

capacity per chamber 15 m3

discharge flaps 2 per chamber

8 pieces electro-pneumatically  dosing flaps,

2 vibrators, MVE400/3, WAM

1 moisture measurement sonde in the sand bunker

protection devices

Aggregate weighing belt

weighing cells 4 x 2000 kg

wheiging belt 80cm x 2250cm.

drive drum w. 10mm rubber pad

gear motor 18 kW

screw compressor

Fa ALMIG Deutschland 5,5 kW

weighing belt

1% deviation

manufactured for trouble-free operation in difficult working conditions.


water dosing hopper

800   kg

admixture dosing system

4 admixture dosing pumps

for 4 admixture types

capacity                 2 X 15 kg

weighing cell         100 kg

cement dosing hopper

1200 kg

weighing cells 3 x 1000 kg

Control unit

 IBS33W Edition, GEDIS,

in a office container installed

Cement silo Equipment

2 complete set for 2 Silos


mechanical safety Valve 

filling level,

cement aeration systems


cement filter;17 m3, WAM

cleaning system

electro mechanical vibrator

cement screws, 40 t/h, Ø219

power 11 kW