Sprenger Machinery was able some Projects in many countries successfully to realize, like follow:


Germany, Poland, Spain, Ireland, United Kingdom, 

France, Italy, Belgium, Russia, Mongolia, Laos,

Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Irak........and many more


 Our customers and clients include known companies such as:


Happy Beton GmbH - Germany

Schick Group - Germany

Transmobil - Germany

th-beton GmbH & Co - Germany / Poland

Thomas Beton GmbH - Germany / Poland

Kies Beton Krebs GmbH & Co - Germany

Lichtner Beton Brandenburg GmbH & Co KG -Germany

ASAMER Kies- und Betonwerke GmbH - Austria

DENCONA PTY LTD - Perth - Western Australia

Pittsburgh Industrial Supply Inc. - Miami - USA