Die RSM aggregate row silo

Sprenger Machinery GmbH

RSM/TBL aggregate storage row silo with weighing belt

4 X 36; 5 X 36 or 6 X 36

on mobile frame 

Angebot und Verkauf erfolgt durch die Sprenger Machinery GmbH



manufactory: Tublorom

type: RSM 4 X36 / RSM 5X36 / RSM 6X36

Mobile frame with 6 soles

Capacity: 4, 5 or 6 compartments per 36m3

Total capacity: 180/216 m3

max load: 5000kg


complete galvanized 

the main-frame is only painted in RAL 9006

Filling width/compartments:  3,50m

Filling height/compartments: 5,21m

include 2 pieces of sand compartments

per "Sand" compartment  are 2 vibrators and 1 humidity measuring probe include


with weighing belt

wide of the conveyor belt: 1000

Drive of the conveyour belt: SEW, 22 kW

10/12  pcs pneumatically dosing flaps

6 pcs Weighing cells (5000kg/each)


with safety rope (around conveyor belt)


- rubber friction lining on the belt driving drum

- spindle clamping arrangement for the conveyor belt

- maintenance free belt rollers

- stripper for belt conveyor

- emergency stop switch

- rope line for emergency stop switch actuation along the conveyor belt on both sides

- galvanized conveyor belt + all walls (intermediary and lateral)



pictures from the current production:

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